SoFi Review: Student Loan Refinancing

sofi review

Saving thousands of dollars on your student loan debt seems ideal, and that’s just what SoFi promises. Is it legit, though? SoFi is a modern finance company. They partner with members to offer great service and low rates for student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. But if it the right student loan refinancing company for you? Let’s find out, together in our SoFi review. What is SoFi? SoFi or Social Finance, Inc. is an online personal […] Read More

Laurel Road Review: Is Laurel Road Safe and Legit?

laurel road review

Laurel Road Review | Laurel Road promises they can save you thousands of dollars by refinancing your student loan debt. Is Laurel Road refinancing legit, though? Laurel Road claims to offer low rates, personalized service, and technology that makes refinancing your student loans seamless. Plus, their average customers saves $20,000+ on average over the life of their loans. But if it the right student loan refinancing company for you? Let’s find out, together in our Laurel Road Student […] Read More

LendKey Review: Is It Safe and Legit?

LendKey Review

Saving thousands of dollars on your student loan debt seems ideal, and that’s just what LendKey promises. Is it legit, though? LendKey filled a void that existed in the student loan refinancing industry. They have been around since 2007. They took advantage of the student loan industry by beating small banks and credit unions to the punch with student loan refinancing and private student loans. But if it the right student loan refinancing company for […] Read More

Personal Finance Wiki: 5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Financial Health

personal finance wiki

Life would have been so easy if there was a personal finance wiki or magic formula to control the money flow and decide on the savings! The most difficult part of any professional’s life is to manage personal savings and spending. Top savings does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of efforts and years to save a considerable amount of savings! Nobody becomes a saving expert overnight. Consistent savings makes it possible to build […] Read More

10 Student Loan Memes That Really Crack You Up

student loan memes

Here are 10 funny student loan memes that made me laugh. They should be able to put a smile to your face even if you have crippling debt. I’ve been fascinated with college debt memes lately because, well, I run a student loan blog. So if you’re looking for some funny student loan memes then hopefully I can provide you with some funny memes. Student loans suck, right? But let us put that aside for […] Read More

24 Ways to Easily Earn Passive Income with Websites & Apps

passive income websites

Looking to make passive income with a laptop or phone? Check out the best passive income websites that can help you make passive income online. This guide has everything you need to know about ways to create passive income with websites and apps. The best part? You won’t need to invest any money or much time to start making passive income. Where are you reading this post? If it’s from the couch or kitchen table in […] Read More

Best Private Student Loans for 2019

best private student loans reddit

Looking for the Best Private Student Loans? Reddit Funding your education using student loans can be pretty useful. Here is an insightful guide on all you need to know about best private student loans of 2019. You have deftly tackled the nerve-wracking pressure of getting into the college or university of your dreams. You have the scores, a host of co-curricular activities to show your mettle, and the only thing left to do is secure a […] Read More

Should I Refinance My Student Loans?

Should I Refinance My Student Loans

How’s it going since graduation? Got a new job? Have kids yet? Odds are that you still have student loans that you are repaying up to now. Logically, loans and debts get costlier the longer they remain. For you to finally move on and forward, you need to eliminate any outstanding student loan that may be hindering some life goals you have in life. It is good news that refinancing is now possible and is […] Read More

5 Best Banks to Refinance and Consolidate Student Loans in 2019

Banks to Refinance Student Loans

The choice to refinance your student loans is a great way to tackle college debt and lower your monthly payments. Learn about the best banks to refinance and consolidate student loans and start saving! Making any decision that has to do with your finances is a big step and an important task. Finances are tricky, and it’s crucial to approach it in the right way and weigh your options. According to CNN, student loan debt […] Read More

How to Build an Emergency Savings Fund & Stop Being Broke

Emergency Savings Fund

Having a 6-month emergency savings fund is harder for some generations. According to a new survey from Bankrate, 66 million Americans do not have emergency savings. To sum it up: One-third of Americans ages 36-51 years old (Gen X) have savings. Only 27% of other Americans of all ages have anything saved up. It’s no secret that it is very important to have an emergency savings account of 6 months of liquid cash so that in […] Read More